A Nebula in a Petri Dish

This particular technique, due to the dual lens method, only allows for a small portion of the film to be exposed — essentially not dissimilar to the way the eye can see the black edges inside a pair of binoculars. This results in circular images, framed just as you see them above, in the middle of the film strip.


Throughout my art studies at UNC there were two additional professors that I could truly say changed my life permanently.

2010 and onward…

It would be a very long time before I picked up the camera again, and indeed, before I remembered that I was fundamentally an artist (we all are) without having to constantly try to be one.

Burnout / Rebirth

It would be ~5 grueling years of living the NYC lifestyle of 60 hours weeks, sleepless nights, a million small gigs on-top of a full-time job, not eating properly because finances over health…A long climb up the ladder, and an ultimate jump off. Was it worth it?

Continued exploration of macro-worlds using the double lens technique, applied in this case to dish-soap inside of a glass jar. Part of the It’s True collection, photographed 2008–2012.

A petri dish is also a nebula

The era of the petri dish began and I don’t believe it ever ended. Much of my work happens here and my dedication to this space has helped me define and understand my personal approach to the act of creation.

Traditional Art

Having come from the traditional art world, yet taken a very non-traditional path, I found it impossible to penetrate the gallery ecosystem. Between paid submissions, portfolio reviews, schmoozing with expensive looking folk at gallery openings, to even building an art-centric app — I always struggled to find a place in the hierarchy. I also knew that it wasn’t a game I was particularly interested in playing. I was left with a challenge: what is art if no-one experiences it? Does it exist? Does it have purpose? Is it enough for it to exist on my websites, in my home…

Planetarium by Jana Stýblová (Created 2015, Augmented 2021)

Fast forward to 2021

I jumped on the NFT wagon quickly: after research, guidance and ultimately a deep appreciation for the over arching goal of self and community empowerment, I now mint my art to live permanently on the blockchain.

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jana stýblová

jana stýblová

former physicist, maybe product & design, aiming for art — making to make sense of it // http://janastyblova.com + http://styblova.com + http://oftenminimal.com